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Stiff Stay Yard & Acreage Fencing

  • Smooth clean knot prevents injury
  • 2mm wire
  • Standard galvanised
  • Ideal for lifestyle/hobby farming
  • Made in Australia

Product Details

Murray Stiff Stay Acreage and Yard Fencing is made exclusively on the Stiff Stay machine at our Albury Manufacturing facility in regional Australia.
Specifically designed with the smooth Stiff Stay knot that won’t harm animals or people. The standard galvanised 2mm wire used throughout is an excellent alternative to heavier fencing.

There are three types:

  • Acreage Fencing – Acreage boundary and partition fencing with tight 15cm picket spacings and graduated line spacing; ideal all-purpose garden, crop and animal fence
  • Yard Fencing – Yard fences with tighter 10cm picket spacings and equal line spacing for dogs, goats, llamas & crops; keeps your animals in and unwanted animals out of your property.
  • Yardplus Fencing – With tightest 5cm picket spacings and equal line spacing ideal for keeps smaller animals in or out; extra strength, more wire, for larger animals and better protection.


  • High Tensile line wires
  • 2.00mm line and picket wires
  • Graduated line spacings
  • Standard galvanised to AS/NZS 4534/W02Z
  • 100m rolls


Product Name Product Code Product Detail Length (m) Top/Bottom Wire Dia (nom. mm) Line / Stay Wire Dia (nom. mm) Tensile Strength Pallet Qty Galv Coating Weight (kg)
Stiff Stay Yard & Acreage Fencing102268/90/151002.002.00 / 2.00High9Standard39.5
Stiff Stay Yard & Acreage Fencing102258/115/151002.002.00 / 2.00High9Standard43.5
Stiff Stay Yard & Acreage Fencing1022810/90/5502.002.00 / 2.00High9Standard43.5
Stiff Stay Yard & Acreage Fencing1022912/115/101002.002.00 / 2.00High9Standard68
Stiff Stay Yard & Acreage Fencing1022713/22/5502.002.00 / 2.00High9Standard57