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Hinged Joint Farm Fencing

  • Ideal for stock, boundary and internal fencing
  • Flexible knot absorbs stock impact
  • 2.50mm high tensile line wires
  • Standard Galvanised to AS4534/W02Z (also available in Heavy Galvanised)
  • Made in Australia

Product Details

Murray Hinged Joint prefabricated fencing is made at our Albury Manufacturing facility in regional Australia.

  • 30cm picket spacings ideal for stock, boundary and internal fencing
  • 15cm picket spacing for more intensive famring
  • Standard Galvanised to AS4534/W02Z
  • 2.50mm high tensile line wires and 2.50mm vertical stay wires

Ideal for stock, boundary and internal fencing, it features flexible knot which absorbs stock impact.
The strength of the tightly wrapped hinged joint knot resists livestock pressure while remaining flexible enough to retain its structure.

Also available in Heavily Galvanised to AS4534


Product Name Product Code Product Detail Length (m) Line Picket Wire Dia (nom. mm) Picket Wire Dia (nom. mm) Pallet Qty Galv Coating Weight (kg)
Hinged Joint Farm Fencing102916/70/302002.52.59Standard70
Hinged Joint Farm Fencing102948/90/302002.52.59Standard92
Hinged Joint Farm Fencing102926/90/302002.52.59Standard74
Hinged Joint Farm Fencing102937/90/302002.52.59Standard83
Hinged Joint Farm Fencing102958/80/151002.52.59Standard60
Hinged Joint Farm Fencing102988/90/151002.52.59Standard61
Hinged Joint Farm Fencing102998/115/151002.52.59Standard69