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Stockpost Ute Pack – Hot-Dip Galvanised

  • Packed as singles – no tie wires
  • Fast & efficient
  • High strength, high consistency
  • Coatings that withstand the test of time
  • Innovative ground mark
  • Hole alignment that’s straight up
  • Easy to drive

Product Details

Australian designed Ute Pack – Stockpost quality in a contractor pack

  • Effortless Handling – Packed as singles. No bundle ties.
  • Easy Load Pack – Front-end loader & ute friendly.
  • Fast & Efficient – Get in onto the ute and into the ground.
  • Refastenable Pack – Use some or all, post stay secure.
  • Australian Design – Designed & patented in Australia, for Australian farmers

Trusted – Tried and True
Stockpost Ute Pack HDG is a premium fence post, strong and reliable.
Consistently rolled from specially-produced high grade steel and hot-dipped galvanised to meet the Australian Standard for optimum protection.
Featuring innovative ground and centre marks, for quick and easy fence line up at ground level; precision hole alignment and spacing for a uniform fence from the first to the last post; and, uniformly cut end-points to drive in straight and easy.


Product Name Product Code Length cm (ft/in) Sling Qty Weight
Stockpost Ute Pack – Hot-Dip Galvanised10811165cm (5'6")2003.1kg
Stockpost Ute Pack – Hot-Dip Galvanised10812180cm (6')2003.4kg