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Stockboss – Black with Corrosion Resistant Wrap

  • Stands up to corrosive soils
  • Dual barrier protection
  • Corrosion resistant wrap
  • Bituminous black coating
  • High-grade steel
  • Unique line markings

Product Details

The post that stand stands up to corrosive soil
STOCKBOSS stands up to corrosive soils.
The unique corrosion resistant wrap is bonded to the steel surface to protect the post in acidic, alkaline and saline soils. Combined with our propriety bituminous black coating to form a dual protection barrier that lasts 3x longer than traditional coatings.

Featuring Barrier-Shield technology, the corrosion-resistant polymer wrap combines with the bituminous coating to form dual barrier against difficult soils. The wrap material is bonded to treated steel for an exceptional seal. It then extends 100mm above the ground for additional protection against differential corrosion (DC) in the critical zone above and just below the soil line. DC is known to create weak points at ground level through a combination of oxygen concentration and corrosive elements.

StockBoss Black is also available in 180cm length, in an XL size for those tougher jobs*.

The StockBoss Advantage

  • Dual barrier coating
    The corrosion resistant wrap combines with the bituminous coat creating a patented barrier that retains steel integrity 3 times longer than hot-dipped galvanised coatings
  • Barrier-Shield
    Long-lasting shield between corrosive soils and the steel surface
  • Above-ground protection
    The polymer wrap extends 100mm above ground level for added protection resisting differential corrosion
  • Bonded to steel
    Even when driven into difficult soils, the bonding process ensures the steel continues to be protected
  • Salt-spray lab testing
    Independently-tested to 1500hrs, indicating superior corrosion protection vs hot-dipped galvanised posts
  • Field tested
    In-ground testing, successfully driven into a cross-section of Australian soils
  • Unique line markings
    Exclusive to the Stockpost range of steel fencing posts


* Only available in QLD. For more information on the Stockboss XL, please contact your White Group Territory Sales Manager.


Product Name Product Code Length cm (ft/in) Sling Qty Weight Weight (kg)

Stockboss – Black with Corrision Resistant Wrap

10831165cm (5ft 6in)2003.1kg0.0

Stockboss – Black with Corrision Resistant Wrap

10832180cm (6ft)2003.4kg0.0

Stockboss XL – Black with Corrission Resistant Wrap

10862180cm (6ft)506.3kg0.0