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Stockpost Stay Assembly

  • Suits timber and steel posts
  • 3m Stay Pipe
  • Notched threaded rod
  • Registered design spike cap
  • Fire-proof base plate

Product Details

Suits steel or timber posts
Made to Stockpost’s strict specifications, Stay Assembly Kit is fully hot-dipped galvanised and includes: a 3m brace pipe with specially designed brace cap for ease of installation; a heavy duty fire-proof base plate; and a notched threaded rod for easy tensioning. All steel construction.

Pair it up with Round Strainer Post or Square Strainer Post for a strong end assembly system. Can also be used with timber posts. Brace cap with spike also sold separately.


Product Name Product Code Sling Qty Weight Coating

Stockpost Stay Assembly

10875517kgHot-Dip Galvanised

Stockpost Brace cap with spike

10876-0.33kgHot-Dip Galvanised