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Stockpost – A family of rural fence posts

Simply a better fence post

Are you looking for the perfect fence post? Introducing Stockpost – the better post.

Stockpost has been recently re-designed from the ground up to bring together an exciting combination of features.

Our new features include:

  • Improved ductility – our posts are easy to manoeuvre, while still being extremely strong.
  • Coatings that last – our specially designed black coating is long lasting and highly durable, fighting against corrosion. Plus, our hot-dipped galvanised coating meets Australian Standards.
  • Right weight – our in depth research shows that 1.9kg/m fence posts are ideal for rural fencing

Best of all, our Lifetime Guarantee means that you can buy and sell with confidence!




We’ve reformulated our billet steel for greater ductility without mitigating strength. Testing the new formulation confirmed we not only improved it but made gains well past our imported post competitors.
Our Lifetime Guarantee is your assurance to sell with confidence.



Our proprietary bituminous black coating continues to be a tough barrier against corrosion. More importantly it’s not just paint (that can tend crack and peel before it has a chance to protect long-term). And our hot-dipped galvanised coating is applied to meet the Australian Standard.



Stockpost is a true heavy-weight fence post made from high-grade steel. Our research showed that the 1.9kg/m steel post is the ‘workhorse’ of Australian rural fencing. Lighter posts tend to lose strength and many heavy posts have inconsistencies and prone to breakage.

Innovative Ground & Centre Marks
Innovative Ground and Centre Marks

Two simple and effective visual marks to get your fence lined up. The ground mark is consistently positioned on each post to align the height of your fence at ground level; the centre mark is positioned as a guide for belly wires.

Uniform End Points
Easy to Drive
Uniform End Points Easy to Drive-image

Uniformly cut end-points combine to make driving easy. Inferior posts tend to twist, bend and may even break in solid ground.

Precision Hole Alignment
Precision Hole Alignment-Image

Precision punching and cutting techniques produce uniform hole spacings that line up straight from the first post to the very last one you put in. This produces a professional looking fence that’s easier to erect.