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WR I-Stay Mesh Gates

  • All pipe is a uniform 25NB
  • 1145mm high, 830-4800mm wide
  • 5mm galvanised wire
  • 200mm horizontal x 100mm vertical aperture
  • Pipe galvanised inside and out
  • Supplied with our ‘Shut the gate, mate!’ sign

Product Details

I-Stay Mesh Gates
Whites Rural I-Stay Mesh Gates are manufactured with embedded mesh that sits inside of the gate. Along with end welds that are smooth and flush with the pipe, it makes for a stronger, safer and faster hanging gate.
– Inbuilt Strength: embedded wire mesh increases strength and improves durability
– Edge Protect: safer for hands and livestock; no sharp edges
– Fast Fit: no need to cut wire mesh; hinges fit fast
Whites Rural I-Stay Mesh Gates are made to exacting standards from some of the best materials available, quality tested to ensure trouble-free fencing that is designed to last.
Also available pre-fitted with collars recognising the specific requirements of the WA rural market.


Product Name Product Code Stay Type Nominal mm (ft) Actual mm Mesh mm Height (mm) Weight (kg)
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13122-875mm (28)825mm200x100x511458
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13123-1075 (33')1025mm200x100x511459
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13124-1220 (4'0")1170mm200x100x5114510
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13105-1525(5'0")1475mm200x100x5114513
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13106-1830(6'0")1780mm200x100x5114514
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13108"I"2440(8'0")2390mm200x100x5114520
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13110"I"3050(10'0")3000mm200x100x5114522
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13112"I"3660(12'0")3610mm200x100x5114526
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13132"II"3660(12'0")3610mm200x100x5114529
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13114"II"4270(14'0")4220mm200x100x5114531
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13116"II"4880mm (16'0)4830mm200x100x5114536
WR I-Stay Mesh GatesCollaredI-Stay (WA only)
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13403-1075 (33')1025mm200x100x511459
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13404-1220 (4'0")1170mm200x100x5114510
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13405-1525(5'0")1475mm200x100x5114513
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13406-1830(6'0")1780mm200x100x5114514
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13408"I"2440(8'0")2390mm200x100x5114520
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13410"I"3050(10'0")3000mm200x100x5114522
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13412"I"3660(12'0")3610mm200x100x5114526
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13414"II"4270(14'0")3610mm200x100x5114531
WR I-Stay Mesh Gates13416"II"4880(16'0")4220mm200x100x5114536