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WR Bar Gates

  • All pipe is a uniform 25NB
  • 1145mm high, 1000-4800mm wide
  • Pipe galvanised inside and out

Product Details

Stronger for cattle
Whites Rural 5 Bar Farm Gates are made stronger for cattle and high pressure livestock situations, featuring horizontal hot-dipped galvanised pipe welded to the outer frame. Featuring the latest notched welding techniques for extra strength and great looks


Product Name Product Code Stay Type Nominal mm (ft) Actual mm Pipe Height (mm) Weight (kg)
WR Bar Gates132041220 (4'0")117025NB114513
WR Bar Gates132051525(5'0")147525NB114516
WR Bar Gates132061830(6'0")178025NB114518
WR Bar Gates13208"I"2440(8'0")239025NB114525
WR Bar Gates13210"I"3050(10'0")300025NB114529
WR Bar Gates13212"I"3660(12'0")361025NB114534
WR Bar Gates13214"II"4270(14'0")422025NB114541
WR Bar Gates13216"II"4880(16'0")483025NB114546