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Murray Horse Mesh Gates

  • 5mm pre-galvanised wire mesh
  • Super-tight 50mm x 100mm aperture
  • 350 grade high tensile 25NB pipe
  • Made in Australia

Product Details

Murray Horse Mesh Gates are manufactured at our Albury Manufacturing facility in regional Australia and feature:

  • All pipe is 2mm thick and hot-dip galvanised inside and out
  • Fully welded notched joints to resist cracking
  • 1170mm high
  • Murray ‘Shut the Gate Mate’ sign
  • Made to order


Product Name Product Code Stay Type Nominal mm (ft) Actual mm Mesh mm Height (mm) Weight (kg)
Murray Horse Mesh GatesAHI03915(3'0")865150x50x511705
Murray Horse Mesh GatesAHI041220 (4'0")1170150x50x511706
Murray Horse Mesh GatesAHI06"I"1830(6'0")1780150x50x511709
Murray Horse Mesh GatesAHI08"I"2440(8'0")2390150x50x5117012
Murray Horse Mesh GatesAHI10"I"3050(10'0")3000150x50x5117015
Murray Horse Mesh GatesAHI12"I"3660(12'0")3610150x50x5117018
Murray Horse Mesh GatesAHI14"II"4270(14'0")4220150x50x5117022
Murray Horse Mesh GatesAHI16"III"4880(16'0")4830150x50x5117025