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Fence Wire Standard Galvanised

  • Produced to the highest tolerance
  • Smooth tangle free delivery
  • Made from premium grade standard galvanised wire
  • Coiled in Australia

Product Details

Murray Fence Wire is coiled at our Albury Manufacturing facility in regional Australia.
Available in four grades:

High Tensile Fence Wire is suited to longer strains/fence runs and wider post spacings where strength is imperative

Medium Tensile Wire is easier to handle than HT, ideal with prefab fencing

Soft Tensile Wire is easiest to handle, cost effective and more fire resistant than HT/MT wire – ideal for fire prone areas

Tie Wire is easiest to handle and tie, cost effective

Our Standard Galvanised Fence Wire is an economical fencing option, with a quality you can trust.
The wire is recoiled on new machines to provide smooth & tangle free delivery off the wire spinner saving contractors and farmers expensive down time. Produced on the latest, highest tolerance recoilers to electronically deliver full and accurate details for each coil of wire.


Product Name Product Code Nom. Wire Dia. (mm) Tensile Strength Coil Length (m) Sling Qty Rec. Tension / Breaking Strain Weight (kg)
Fence Wire Standard Galvanised101614.00mmSoft500101.8kn / 4.8kn49
Fence Wire Standard Galvanised101633.15mmSoft750101.2kn / 3.0kn46
Fence Wire Standard Galvanised101702.50mmMedium1500101.3kn / 3.7kn58
Fence Wire Standard Galvanised101712.50mmHigh1500101.8kn / 5.4kn58