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Grant, WA Fencing Contractor

Grant, WA Fencing Contractor

Stockpost straight up reliability in Kellerberrin

Grant Butt (Buttsie) of Buttco Fencing says he’s living the dream in Kellerberrin, Western Australia.

For the last 14 years, Buttsie has been working across the Wheatbelt region, 200km east of Perth running his fencing contracting business with a dynamic mix of farm, security, and domestic fence work. Whites Rural Stockpost have been with him all along the way.

He originally started using Stockpost after his local farm supply store recommended them. “They put me on to them and from then I have kept using them.”

What makes Buttsie a fan of them?

“Well, the price is right for a start” he laughs. But it is far more than affordability that keeps him coming back for more.

“With Stockpost, I have been pretty pleased. They’re pretty consistent across the line. I’ve been really happy with them – and I have had really good customer feedback with them too and that’s the most important thing.”

While sheep are slowly declining in the area, it is still some of Australia’s most fertile cropping land. Primarily farm fencing in the Wheatbelt is low-pressure stock fencing, a 7/90/30 wire with posts around 10m apart he says.

Buttsie says when you knock posts into the Western Australian ground they don’t always go in straight. “You have to straighten them up all the time.” But Stockpost have just the right amount of flex and structural integrity to reposition and hold their strength.

“I’ve had trouble with the opposition’s posts. The cheaper posts, you try to straighten them, and they break.  I have never had that drama with Stockpost.”

“I have had other posts where the ends haven’t been cut square so when you drive them in, they twist, or the hole is all blocked up with galvanising which is a pain. Or you would get some of the opposition’s posts which had bent before you even put them in the ground which was annoying!”

“Another thing I like about Stockpost is the depth mark. The red line is a handy reference point.”

Like much of the region, the country around Kellerberrin is acidic and corrosive. Over the last decade or so, Buttsie has seen posts that have been eaten away but he’s been pretty pleased how well galvanised Stockpost stand up to it.

Another issue, is the odd salty pockets that crop up every now and then to cause some issues

Buttsie is now a fan of the Stockboss fence post, which is made from the same grade of reliable steel as Stockpost, but with an added feature to protect against salty environments.

“Whites Rural has a black post out that is specially treated for salty country, Stockboss. They’re a pretty good post. We don’t have a heap of salt in these parts but where we do have salt-affected country, Stockboss posts are a good option. I bought 200 a couple of years ago. They look good and I am interested in how they go over the long term.”

Buttsie reckons they’re so good he’s telling the neighbours. “When I put them in, another neighbouring cocky asked where I got them from, then he got some too.”