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Woolube Citra Blitz Cleaner/Degreaser

  • High Strength Citrus Degreaser
  • Powerful, fast-acting, natural
  • Removes glues, fats, grease, bitumen, oils, waxes & carbon deposits
  • Superior cleaning for stainless steel and aluminium

Product Details

Woolube Citra Blitz is powerful, fast acting natural degreaser ideal for removal of glues, fats, grease, bitumen, oils, waxes and carbon deposits.

Woolube Citra Blitz provides superior cleaning for stainless steel, aluminium and is the preferred product to removal of Woolube Lanolin products


Product Name Product Code Size Pack type
Woolube Citra Blitz Cleaner/Degreaser12618750mlTrigger bottle
Woolube Citra Blitz Cleaner/Degreaser12617300gmAerosol
Woolube Citra Blitz Cleaner/Degreaser126195LJerry
Woolube Citra Blitz Cleaner/Degreaser1262020LCube