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Stockade 400i Impulse Stapler

  • Impulse technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable depth of drive
  • Top load magazine
  • V-notch guide and sequential trigger system

Product Details

World’s first 4mm cordless fencing stapler – Rapid Fire – Miles Faster – Lightweight – Cordless Technology

Stockade ST400i Cordless Stapler combines faster fencing with hose-free portability in a gas cartridge gun.
The ST400i has outstanding power allowing you to fire up to 650 staples per fuel cell and in conjunction with the 3.7V Li-ion battery, you can fire 3000 barbed,
divergent point staples per charge per battery. The ST400i kit also comes with 2 batteries so you will never run out of power.

Impulse Technology – Portable, no need for compressors or air lines
High output design – Drives up to 2 staples per second
Ergonomic Design – Comfort for periods of high use. Hose free for work in remote situations
Adjustable Depth of Drive – Greater flexibility for staple placement. Prevents wire damage and a superior finish
Top Load Magazine – Fast and easy reloading. Rail protection bars
V-Notch Guide & Sequential Trigger System – Correct staple placement for improved holding power. Improved operator safety

ST400i staples and fuel cell packs, each pack contains 2 fuel cells, enough for every staple in the pack.
Available in 40mm & 50mm, with a 4mm wire diameter.

Stockade staples are engineered for superior corrosion resistance and long lasting hold, even in the world’s toughest environments.

  • 90% Zinc, 10% Aluminium pre-galvanised 240gm heavy duty coat provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Specified wire tensile strength and divergent point design enhances holding power
  • Waterproof collation tape for all weather performance

Note: For faster electric fencing, Stockade 400i / ST400 are exclusively compatible with SpeedRite Power Staple Wood Claw insulators.
Exclusively distributed in Australia by Whites Rural.


Product Name Product Code Per pack Weight (kg)

Stockade Cordless ST400i Stapler


Stockade ST400i 40 x 4mm Barbed Staples


Stockade ST400i 50 x 4mm Barbed Staples


Stockade Cordless ST400i Battery