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Stockade 400 Pneumatic Stapler

  • Pneumatic stapling
  • Dramatically increases stapling speed and productivity
  • World first barbed staples

Product Details

ST-400 Pneumatic Power Staple System

The ST-400 pneumatic power stapler is engineered specifically for driving heavy-duty barbed fencing staples up to 50mm long.
Adjustable power for high-density timber and reliable for high volume fence construction.

Adjustable depth of drive – For greater flexibility with staple placement
Top Load Magazine – For fast reloading to minimize down-time
Sequential Trigger System – For superior operator safety
Adjustable Air Deflector – Deflects discharged air away from the operator for improved comfort
Swivel coupling – For greater flexibility and added convenience

The world’s only power-driven barbed stapler for superior holding power.

  • Available in 45mm & 50mm – 4mm wire
  • Heavy coat zinc aluminium Bezinal 2000 coating
  • Divergent point staples

Note: For faster electric fencing, Stockade ST400i / ST400 are exclusively compatible with SpeedRite Power Staple Wood Claw insulators.
Exclusively distributed in Australia by Whites Rural.


Product Name Product Code Per pack Weight (kg)

Stockade ST400 Pneumatic Stapler


Stockade ST400 50 x 4mm Barbed Staples