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Rural Netting

  • Reverse twist construction
  • Double selvedge wires for added strength
  • Heavily galvanised

Product Details

Heavily galvanised heavy netting
Whites Rural Heavy Netting is a versatile heavily galvanised netting for rural and heavy duty applications.
Netting with a 4cm aperture and 1.4mm wire diameter (often referred to as rabbit netting) is available in varying heights.
Suggested uses are:

  • 30cm – reconditioning of existing fences, garden edging
  • 60cm – reconditioning of existing fences, ducks
  • 90cm – rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards
  • 105cm – rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards
  • 120cm – boundary and feral fencing, poultry
  • 180cm – feral fencing, poultry and animal enclosures


Product Name Product Code Height (cm) Nom. Wire Dia. (mm) Aperture (mm) Length (m) Pallet Qty Galv Coating Weight (kg)
Rural Netting10451301.4405016Heavy13
Rural Netting10452601.4405018Heavy26
Rural Netting10454901.440509Heavy36
Rural Netting10474901.4401009Heavy75
Rural Netting104551051.440509Heavy42
Rural Netting104751051.4401009Heavy86
Rural Netting104561201.440509Heavy48
Rural Netting104581801.440509Heavy74