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Permanent Wire Strainers

• Smooth ratchet action
• Releasable ratchet
• 16mm square drive & unique 8mm hex key adjustment
• Long-life galvanised steel body
• High quality spring locking clip
• Suits up to 4mm wire
• Available with porcelain or plastic insulators

Product Details

Permanent Wire Strainers

Making fence erecting, wire alignment & fence maintenance fast and easy. Attach to fence line and tighten to strain,
permanent wire strainers stay on the fence line and can be re-tightened over time to prevent wire sag.
Galvanised Steel (12106/12090) style for in-line and end-of-line straining.
Insulated styles (12500/12501) for electric fencing.


Product Name Product Code Coating

Permanent Wire Strainers


Permanent Wire Strainers – Plastic Insulator


Permanent Wire Strainers – Porcelain Insulator


Wire Strainers Bucket 40pk