Stapling: STOCKADE ST-400i Cordless Stapler
12445 - st400i cordless power stapler
12445 - st400i fuel cell
12448 - st-400i 50x4.00mm staples
12449 - st400i battery
12445 - st400i stapler info sheet
12445 - st400i accessories info sheet

STOCKADE ST-400i Cordless Stapler

CATEGORY: Stapling
• Impulse technology
• Ergonomic design
• Adjustable depth of drive
• Top load magazine
• V-notch guide and sequential trigger system

World's first 4mm cordless fencing stapler

• Rapid Fire • Miles Faster • Lightweight • Cordless Technology

STOCKade® ST400i Cordless Stapler combines faster fencing with hose-free portability in a gas cartridge gun.The ST400i has outstanding power allowing you to fire up to 650 staples per fuel cell and in conjunction with the 3.7V Li-ion battery, you can fire 3000 barbed, divergent point staples per charge per battery. The ST400i kit also comes with 2 batteries so you will never run out of power.

  • Impulse Technology - Portable, no need for compressors or air lines. High output design - drives up to 2 staples per second
  • Ergonomic Design - Comfort for periods of high use. Hose free for work in remote situations
  • Adjustable Depth of Drive - Greater flexibility for staple placement. Prevents wire damage and a superior finish
  • Top Load Magazine - Fast and easy reloading. Rail protection bars
  • V-Notch Guide & Sequential Trigger System - Correct staple placement for improved holding power. Improved operator safety

 Stockade 400i - stapler in-situ1   Stockade 400i - staple and wire   Stockade 400i - stapler in-situ2

ST400i staples and fuel cell packs, each pack contains 2 fuel cells, enough for every staple in the pack.

  • Available in 40mm & 50mm, with a 4mm wire diameter
  • Divergent point barbed fencing staple
  • Zinc-Aluminium coating for longer life
  • Superior driving and improved holding

Note: For faster electric fencing, Stock-ade 400i / ST400 are exclusively compatible with SpeedRite Power Staple Wood Claw insulators. 

Exclusively distributed in Australia by Whites Rural. 

CodeProductQtyWeight (kg)
12445STOCKADE Cordless ST400i Stapler8.2
12446STOCKADE ST400i 40 x 4mm Barbed Staples1000pk7.75
12448STOCKADE ST400i 50 x 4mm Barbed Staples1000pk10.2
12449STOCKADE Cordless ST400i Battery0.09

Also available in the STOCKADE Stapling range: ST315i cordless stapler, and the ST400 pneumatic stapler


Safety Documentation click here

  • ST400i General Safety Instructions
  • ST400i MSDS Battery
  • ST400i MSDS Fuel Cell

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