Stapling: STOCKADE ST-400 Pneumatic Stapler

STOCKADE ST-400 Pneumatic Stapler

CATEGORY: Stapling
• Pneumatic stapling
• Dramatically increases stapling speed and productivity
• World first barbed staples

Pneumatic Power Staple System


The ST-400 pneumatic power stapler is engineered specifically for driving heavy-duty barbed fencing staples up to 50mm long.

  • Dramatically increases stapling speed and productivity
  • Aluminium alloy housing for extreme durability
  • Adjustable depth of drive


The world's only power-driven barbed staple for superior holding power.

  • Available in 45mm & 50mm - 4mm wire
  • Heavy coat zinc aluminium Bezinal 2000 coating
  • Divergent point staples

 Note: For faster electric fencing, Stock-ade 400i / ST400 are exclusively compatible with SpeedRite Power Staple Wood Claw insulators.


Exclusively distributed in Australia by Whites Rural. 

Code Product Per Packet Weight (kg)
12430 STOCK-ade ST-400 Pneumatic Power Stapler   6.6
12433 STOCK-ade 45 x 4.0mm Barbed Staples 1200 10.3
12454 STOCK-ade 50 x 4.0mm Barbed Staples 1000 10.0
12435 STOCK-ade Staple Puller   0.82

Also available: STOCK-ade Staple puller, an easy one handed staple remover for repair and maintenance. Extra heavy duty.



Not all products available in all areas of Australia.