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12160 - maxtensor polymer & steel tensioning tool
12160 - maxtensor polymer & steel core tensioning tool - single
12161 - heavy duty steel tensioning tool - contractor grade
12161 - maxtensor heavy duty steel tensioning tool - contractor grade singe
maxtensor tensioning tool - in-situ

MaxTensor Tensioning Tools

• Supplied with 5 bonus MEDIUM joiners
• Ergonomic design - easy tensioning and straining
• Fits most commonly available joiners

Bonus icon1The MaxTensor range of tensioning tools are designed to make it easy to tension and strain fences with professional results.

There are two tensioning tools in the range fitting most commonly available joiners:

  •    Heavy Duty Steel Tensioning Tool - Contractor Grade

Harden alloy steel head, corrosion resistant and heavy duty. For intensive use: Max load 350kg (3.4kN)

  •    Polymer & Steel Core Tensioning Tool

Reinforced head, aluminium handles, lightweight and strong. For moderate use: Max Load 150kg (1.4kN)

Each tool is supplied with five (5) bonus medium MaxTensor joiners.

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CodeProduct MOQBarcode 
12160MaxTensor® Polymer & Steel Core Tensioning Tool9312261121600
12161MaxTensor® Heavy Duty Steel Tensioning Tool - Contractor Grade19312261121617 

 Click to view our Max Tensor video, or for more information download our MaxTensor brochure here.

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