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• Strong, durable, and reliable
• Multi-use
• Made for fencing

Bullnose and Parrot Beak Fencing Pliers

Whites Rural multi-use fencing pliers are strong, durable, and reliable to make fencing easy. Available in two styles:

Bullnose Pliers

  • 3 wire cutters - plenty of length to provide leverage
  • 2 different wire grips - suits any diameter
  • Long handles provide extra leverage

Parrot Beak Pliers

  • Wire cutter and grips
  • Hammer end
  • Staple puller ‘parrot beak’


12002Fencing Pliers - Parrot Beak250mm0.6kg
12003Fencing Pliers - Bullnose250mm0.6kg
12004Fencing Pliers - Bullnose300mm0.7kg

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