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Trusted by Australian farmers and contractors 


John Walter

Jon Walter

Property Owner, Nogoa, Emerald, Victoria

Value for money was the key to central Queensland farmer/orchardist, John Walter, Nogoa, Emerald selecting STOCKPOST for fencing cattle out of his 20,000 tree macadamia orchard. Following discussion with his local store, who assured him of the quality of STOCKPOST, he went ahead and bought 180cm black STOCKPOSTS, admitting he could have bought cheaper posts of less quality.

Builder of the fence, Ian Grayson said “ we put several hundred of them in with easy going black soil to some hard going ridge country, and I’m very happy with them”.

“You are onto the right thing with a good product which I will definitely use again and recommend to others. They are value for money,” he said.




Adrian Telfer

Adrian Telfer

Fencing Contractor, Telfer Rural Fencing, Tamworth, New South Wales

Adrian and his team pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship. With over 10 years professional fencing experience, Adrian says he will only select the best materials for his customers and Stockpost certainly is the best of the black posts. He is a ‘big fan of the range’ and believes ‘the Stockpost galvanised post is right up there as well’.

Adrian recommends that fences are maintained at a rate of 3% a year to keep his customer’s costs at a manageable level and their fences looking great. To get around 30-35years from a fence, he doesn’t muck around with inferior products so he chooses Stockposts for their strength and great value for money.

“Adrian firmly believes that the overall fence is only as good as its end assemblies so he takes great pride in manufacturing his own strainer and stay assemblies. Add to that a range of custom gates, stock grids, stock yards and bale feeders and you can see why Adrian has built a great reputation in Tamworth and north-west regional NSW.


Matt Klemm

Matt Klemm

Fencing Contractor, Get Fenced, Jindabyne, New South Wales

Matt finds using Stockpost Ute Packs a great time saver and won’t go back to anything else. When we met him and his Get Fenced team they were part way through fencing off a farm from new roadworks for the local council. The ground was rocky and rugged, and Matt says “the Stockpost posts went in straight and true”.

The stretch runs for about a kilometre and Matt used Stockpost black fence posts straight out of the Ute Pack. “Not having to cut wires just makes the job that much quicker. They’re off the truck and into the ground in no time!” Matt added.

Matt finished the job with hinged joint pre-fabricated fencing, rolling it out off the back of the trailer attached to his ATV, making easy work of the hilly terrain. The hinged joint product of choice - Whites Wires, Australian-made, of course!.


Jon Kay

Jon Kay

Property Owner/Sheep Farmer ‘Fairlands’, Ballan, Victoria

Jon has fenced his 1,000 acre property, ‘Fairlands’, with Stockpost fence posts. Jon runs 3,000 head of fine wool Merino sheep at ‘Fairlands’ with his wife, Marie. The fence of choice on their property is Stockpost at 7m spacings with 8/90/30 Hinge Joint and a 2.5mm top wire.

End assemblies are treated pine with concrete pads. Jon has recently switched to galvanised posts stating that Stockpost’s pricing has narrowed the gap and it doesn’t make sense to buy any other galvanised post.



John Griffith

John Griffith

Fencing contractor, Melton, Victoria

John has been in rural fencing for the last 8 years and has seen a lot of change of that short time. This job at Digger’s Rest was one of many jobs that John completes for loyal customers.

This fence is 550m long using Stockpost Galvanised fence posts with treated pine intermediate posts, and strainer end assemblies. John believes that the strength of Stockpost is as good if not better than more expensive posts and has made the switch to Stockpost Galv.



Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Fencing Contractor, Action Fencing, Bendigo Victoria

Jason and his team has been fencing in Bendigo and surrounding districts for over 10 years. With hundreds of jobs under their belts, they have found that Stockpost gives them a great quality post at a fair price.

Jason says that he hasn’t seen an imported post do what Stockpost can do. “Most imported posts will twist and bend, and the hole spacings are all over the place. Stockpost has got it right with a strong, consistent post. I don’t need to pay extra for great quality when Stockpost is a great quality post at a great price.”

Jason runs a regular team of 5 with several utes, a truck and a mule that carries the posts and a pneumatic driver to make the job quicker and easier – see the video below. Jason has recently discovered Ute Pack.

The fact that his team doesn’t have to cut tie wires and can lay the posts directly onto the ground means that he can get up to twice as many posts in the ground in the same amount of time. The added advantage is that there is no mess of cut tie wires to clean up afterwards.


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