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Product Features

Stockpost features



Impressive product features by anyone's measure.

STOCKPOST® is a unique combination of innovative features, quality and strength that hasn’t been seen on the Australian market before.



Innovative Line Marks

Two simple and effective visual mark to help you get your fence lined up.

The ground mark is consistently positioned on each post to assist in aligning the height of your fence at ground level, while the centre mark is positioned as a guide for belly wires.

There is a contrasting red line on STOCKPOST® Galv, and contrasting white line on STOCKPOST® Black to guide how deep to drive each post.




Easy To Drive

Uniformly cut end-points combine to make driving easy. Inferior posts tend to twist, bend and may even break in solid ground.



Hole Alignment That's Straight Up

Precision punching and cutting techniques produce uniform hole spacings that line up straight from the first post to the very last one you put in. This produces a fence that is more professional looking and easier to erect.


Download hole spacing chart

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