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Made Stronger

Made Stronger



High Strength - Consistency & Reliability

We’ve taken the variability out of post making to give you consistent high strength and reliability.

Consistently rolled from specially produced high grade steel – we’ve taken the variability out of post making.




A Totally New Mill

The new site has been built from the ground up to ensure we get the high quality we need for Australian conditions. 



Cooling bed over 75m in length (pictured left). Site over 16,000sq.m



Improved Holding Power

A larger profile provides superior holding power in the ground. The "Y" shape has an extended leg that, together with the new high grade raw material, significantly improves STOCKPOST® performance under stock pressure in the field.



STOCKPOST has been independently tested

Testing conducted by a NATA Accredited Laboratory (July 2012), of STOCKPOST and competitor posts commonly found in the Australian market. The test used simulated the force applied to a post by livestock in field conditions.

Not all products available in all areas of Australia.