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Whites Rural Farm Fencing 2019

The Farm Fencing catalogue details our wide range of Whites Rural farm fencing products. 

Complete with product images and descriptions for:

• Stockpost 
• Stiff Stay
• Hinged Joint
• Fence Wire
• Barbed Wire
• Farm Gates
• Welded Mesh


Stockpost catalogue



The STOCKPOST UTEPACK brochure details our STOCKPOST range features and benefits and introduces our new ute-friendly slings of 200 STOCKPOSTs.


Stockpost XL

Packed in our faster fencing Ute Pack sling - 50 posts, no tie wires! Available in bituminous black and hot dipped galvanised coatings. Stockpost quality and strength - independently NATA tested.


Stockpost End Assembly

Our new, specially designed End Assembly is an integral part of any farm fence, now made with the same Stockpost quality – high performance without the high price tag.


MaxTensor flyer



Joiners & Terminators for fencing wire, horticultural wire, & fabricated fence. Exclusively patented system, MaxTensor’s all metal construction is designed for maximum quality, reliability, and ease of use when joining and tensioning wire. 

Ergonomically designed for effortless practicality and long-lasting performance, MaxTensor makes joining, straining and repairing fences easier.

With millions sold globally, MaxTensor’s patented system is industry tested and proven against the best the world has to offer. Made in the EU to strict specifications.

Distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Whites Rural.




Stock-ade st400i

The STOCK-ade brochure details our high performance range of pneumatic tools manufactured by Paslode and exclusively distributed by Whites Group. 

The fencing revolution has arrived. Experience remarkable productivity gains with the ST400i. 

  • Lightweight and cordless, the need for a compressor is gone forever
  • The most powerful cordless fencing stapler on the the market
  • Unique staple design with barbs for secure fastening, no matter the condition of the post.
  • Staple lengths include 40mm, 45mm and 50mm. (4mm diameter)