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Coatings That Last

Black bituminous coating that is fully dipped and oven-baked.
This is not just paint, but a flexible barrier coating made to last.

Hot-dip galvanised to the Australian Standard

engineered for consistency

Engineered to a specification, the materials are quality tested and controlled to meet our exacting standards

Hot-rolled steel to produce a strong one-piece post, without the weak points that develop on welded fence posts

Precision cut holes and ends for straight fence alignment

Australian innovation 1



• Stockpost Ute Pack is our patented wire-free sling;
no wire ties means faster fencing and less mess

• Stockpost 165cm and 180cm posts, the most popular sized fencing posts, also get an extra line that acts as guide for placement of
the belly wire

• Positioned 25mm below the bottom hole of every Stockpost and Stockpost XL, the line mark is fast, convenient guide to getting your
fence height even and correctly aligned

The Stockpost Family

Stockpost Mock-Up qty 400 165cm
Stockpost Fence Posts

Available in traditional slings.
Black bituminous or hot-dip galvanised

Sizes: 135cm - 240cm


Ute Pack - Sling 200 - Galv - Black - 180cm 2
Stockpost Ute Pack

200 Stockposts in a ute-friendly pack.
No bundle ties. Black bituminous
or hot-dip galvanised.

Sizes: 165cm, 180cm


XL pack - Sling 50 - Galv - Black - 210cm 2
Stockpost XL Ute Pack

Big 3.5kg/m intermediate post, available in ute-friendly packs of 50. No bundle ties
Black bituminous or hot-dip galvanised.

Sizes: 180cm, 210cm, 240cm


Stockpost end
Stockpost End Assembly

Fully hot-dip galvanised.
Heavy duty square steel anchor post
featuring unique shark tooth points.

Easy-fit stay kit brace assembly.


Stockpost sinkplate
Stockpost Anti Sink Plate

Stabilises steel fence posts in soft or
loose soils. Large 15cm base,
high-strength galvanised steel.




Stockpost Features

Made Stronger

High Strength, Consistency, Reliability.


Lasts Longer

Coatings that withstand the test of time.


Goes Further

More fence for your money.


Innovative Line Marking

Simple and effective visual marks, consistently positioned on Stockpost and Stockpost XL. Ground mark and centre mark for accurate height positioning.

End Assembly also features ground mark. 


Easy to Drive

Uniformly cut end points combine to make driving easy. Inferior posts tend to twist, bend and may even break in solid ground. End Assembly anchor posts feature unique shark tooth points.


Hole Alignment

Precision punching and cutting techniques produce uniform hole spacings that line up straight from the first post to the very last, producing a fence that is more professional looking and easier to erect.


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