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Murray N-Stay Gates

  • 5mm pre-galvanised wire mesh
  • Tight 150mm x 100mm aperture
  • 350 grade high tensile 25NB pipe
  • Made in Australia

Product Details

Murray N Stay, V Stay and M Stay gates are manufactured at our Albury Manufacturing facility in regional Australia and feature:

  • All pipe is 2mm thick and hot-dip galvanised inside and out
  • ‘N’Stays available in matching left & right pairs
  • Fully welded notched joints to resist cracking
  • 1170mm high
  • Murray ‘Shut the Gate Mate’ sign
  • Made to order


Product Name Product Code Stay Type Nominal mm (ft) Actual mm Mesh mm Height (mm) Weight (kg)
Murray N-Stay GatesAVG08"V"2440(8'0")2390150x100x5117022
Murray N-Stay GatesAVG09"V"2745(9'0")2695150x100x5117024
Murray N-Stay GatesANS10"N"3050(10'0")3000150x100x5117027
Murray N-Stay GatesANS11"N"3350(11'0")3300150x100x5117029
Murray N-Stay GatesANS12"N"3660(12'0")3610150x100x5117031
Murray N-Stay GatesANS13"N"3960(13'0")3910150x100x5117033
Murray N-Stay GatesANS14"N"4270(14'0")4220150x100x5117036
Murray N-Stay GatesANS15"N"4570(15'0")4520150x100x5117038
Murray N-Stay GatesANS16"N"4880(16'0")4830150x100x5117040
Murray N-Stay GatesANS18"N"5484(18'0")5434150x100x5117044
Murray N-Stay GatesANS20"M"6095(20'0")6045150x100x5117052