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Stockpost - Black Bituminous

CATEGORY: Stockpost
• High strength, high consistency
• Coatings that withstand the test of time
• Innovative ground mark
• Hole alignment that’s straight up
• Easy to drive

Trusted - Tried and True

Stockpost is a premium fence post – strong and reliable.

Consistently rolled from specially produced high grade steel and available in black bituminous dipped coating providing a tough outer barrier, or hot-dipped galvanised to meet the Australian Standard for optimum protection. 

Featuring innovative ground and centre marks, for quick and easy fence line up at ground level; precision hole alignment & spacing for a uniform fence from the first to the last post; and, uniformly cut end-points to drive in straight and easy.

Key Benefits

Coatings That Last

      • Bituminous Black - Oven Baked not Painted
      • Hot Dipped Galvanised to Australian Standard
      • Fully Dipped for Coverage and Protection

Engineered for Consistency

      • Hot-rolled steel - High Strength Posts
      • Precision Cut Holes and Ends
      • Made to Specification - Consistent and Strong

Australian Innovation

      • Stockpost Ute-Pack - Patented Wire-Free pack
      • The Mark of a Good Post - Unique Ground and Belly Lines
      • Designed and Patented in Australia


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CodeProduct DescriptionSizeSling QtyWeightCoating
10804135cm STOCKPOST4'6"4002.57kgBlack Bituminous
10807150cm STOCKPOST5'4002.85kgBlack Bituminous
10805165cm STOCKPOST5'6"4003.14kgBlack Bituminous
10806180cm STOCKPOST6'4003.42kgBlack Bituminous
10809210cm STOCKPOST7'2003.99kgBlack Bituminous
10808240cm STOCKPOST8'2004.56kgBlack Bituminous


Also available in Hot-Dipped Galvanised:  

CodeProduct DescriptionSizeSling QtyWeightCoating
10814135cm STOCKPOST4'6"2002.57kgHot Dipped Galv.
10817150cm STOCKPOST5'2002.85kgHot Dipped Galv.
10815165cm STOCKPOST5'6"2003.14kgHot Dipped Galv.
10816180cm STOCKPOST6'2003.42kgHot Dipped Galv.
10819210cm STOCKPOST7'2003.99kgHot Dipped Galv.
10818240cm STOCKPOST8'2004.56kgHot Dipped Galv.

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