Stockfast: Stockfast - Black Bituminous
Stockfast 5-Latch Post
10835-6 - Stockfast insitu-new latches-in-hand
10835-6 - Stockfast latch close up
10835-6 - Stockfast steel rivet

Stockfast - Black Bituminous

CATEGORY: Stockfast
• Clip wires in less time than individual tie offs
• Five integrated spring-steel latch points
• Simple and quick positive-click action
• Stainless steel clip, alloy rivet
• No ground level latch-points - improves post integrity
• High-grade steel, unique line markings, bituminous black finish

Faster Fencing Latch Post

Stockfast Latch-Post features five integrated spring-steel latch-points for clipping barbed or plain wires, fast. The spring-steel latches have a positive-click to indicate the wire is secure. Alloy rivets ensure a longer rust-free life.

10835 6 Stockfast steel rivet icon

Post strength is assured as there are no ground level latch points.

Instead, five traditional holes below the lowest latch provide tie-off points for fencing closer to the ground. Another four holes higher up the post provide additional flexibility for individual fencing requirements.



Code Product Description Size Sling Qty Weight Coating
10835 165cm STOCKFAST 5ft 6in 200 3.2kg Black Bituminous
10836 180cm STOCKFAST 6ft 200 3.45kg Black Bituminous

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