Stockboss: Stockboss w/Corrosion Resistant Wrap
Stockboss with corrosion-resistant wrap
StockBOSS dual barrier
StockBOSS corrosive soils

Stockboss w/Corrosion Resistant Wrap

CATEGORY: Stockboss
• Stands up to corrosive soils
• Dual barrier protection
• Corrosion resistant wrap
• Bituminous black coating
• High-grade steel
• Unique line markings

The post stand stands up to corrosive soil

Stockboss stands up to corrosive soils. The unique corrosion resistant wrap is bonded to the steel surface to protect the post in acidic, alkaline and saline soils. 

Combined with our propriety bituminous black coating to form a dual protection barrier that lasts 3x longer than traditional coatings.

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Code Product Description Size Sling Qty Weight Coating
10831 165cm STOCKBOSS 5ft 6in 200 3.1kg Black Bituminous
10832 180cm STOCKBOSS 6ft 200 3.4kg Black Bituminous

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