End Assembly: Stockpost End Assembly Brace Kit
Stockpost End Assembly
10878 - Brace Kit box
10878 - Brace Kit components
10878 End Assembly Fire-proof Base Plate_1200px
10878 End Assembly Stay Clamp with brace cap_1200px
10878 End Assembly Wire Rope with eyebolt_1200px
10878 End Assembly Galv Post Cap_1200px

Stockpost End Assembly Brace Kit

CATEGORY: End Assembly
• Heavy duty
• Galvanised
• Comes in 4 sets per kit

Brace Kit for End Assembly

End Assembly Base Kit made with STOCKPOST® quality, for high performance without the high price tag.

The Kit includes:

  • heavy duty, hot-dipped galvanised fire-proof base plate
  • 80NB, hot-dipped galvanised stay clamp with brace cap
  • 3.6m, 6x19 strand galvanised steel wire rope with hot-dipped galvanised eyebolt
  • 80NB, galvanised post cap

The box comes with 4 sets of brace kits.

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Code Product Description SQty Weight (Kg) Coating
10878 STOCKPOST Brace Kit 4 sets 36 Galvanised/Hot-Dipped Galvanised

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