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Immediate deductions on your fencing asset

Recognising how critical fencing infrastructure is to farm success, the federal government is assisting primary producers with an immediate deduction on the cost of fencing, including posts, wire, droppers, gates, fittings, and anchor assemblies.

“Good fencing is an essential part of a farming enterprise that allows farmers to optimise their operations by keeping out feral pests, protecting livestock or crops, helping with biosecurity management and keeping property up to a saleable standard”, said Matthew Stinson, National Sales Manager, Whites Rural.

The fence can be a new fence, and also covers any structural improvement, repair of a capital nature, alteration, addition or extension to an existing fence.

The tax break (Accelerated Depreciation for Primary Producers) means farmers can claim fence investment costs again this year instead of scheduling depreciation over a number of years, making it easier for farmers to keep their fencing in good condition or add new fencing.

According to Mr Stinson, investing in key infrastructure such as fencing is a good strategy, although not always a priority for farmers in difficult seasons.

Whites Rural Cashback is designed to further assist with an incentive of $100 for every $2,500 of Whites Rural fencing purchased. The cashback is uncapped so multiple invoices will qualify for a greater cashback; the incentive is provided as a Visa card that can be used almost anywhere on anything.

“At Whites Rural we are committed to making quality fencing affordable for Australian farmers. We’re pleased to see the continuation of the tax breaks which will go a long way to helping farmers, and doing our bit over the next couple of months to assist them with a cashback.”

For more information, visit the ATO website; and whitesrural.com.au/uncappedunleashed.