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Marking 40 strong years in fencing


THE Australian-owned and operated family business, Whites Group, stands strong in its 40th year of developing top-quality and innovative steel, wire and fencing products. The Kelly family purchased the small tie-wire winding business in 1977 based in Granville, NSW from Jack White, originally called Whites Wires.

Since then the tie-wire business has expanded into other wire and steel products, from fencing wire and prefabricated wire fencing to steel fence posts, tools, accessories and gates. Whites’ ongoing commitment to product innovation led them to developing their rural arm, Whites Rural, yielding unique product offerings, like the Stockpost flagship range of steel fence posts, born in 2012.

Whites’ national sales manager, Matthew Stinson, said they’re always striving to provide greater value to farmers and fencing contractors, by adapting to market change and addressing agricultural challenges where possible. “With a critical shortage of labour in agriculture, farmers are continually looking for ways to do fencing, faster and more efficiently,” said Matthew Stinson.

Stockpost was developed by Whites as a premium fence post alternative to high-price fence posts and cheap imported posts.

“We had an opportunity to build a factory from scratch in 2011, where we could create a post that was right for Australian conditions, with modern rolling equipment to create high-grade steel fence posts. Historically holes were punched one at a time and precision placement allows us to punch them all at once, giving better alignment,” said Matthew Stinson.

White’s pride themselves on their “people on the ground”, who are integral in servicing their customers, gathering valuable research and providing end-user training, an area they’re looking to evolve further.

“Our strength lies not only in product development but the territory sales managers who are in the front line with their ears to the ground, bringing ideas from out in the field back to our team.”

Their recent partnership with Frauenfelder gate and wire manufacturer in Albury, NSW has allowed for greater flexibility in product development on a localised level.



Grants for rural communities


THE Kelly family first introduced the Whites Rural Community Grants program three years ago as a way to give back to rural communities and make a difference to kids in remote areas.

After an overwhelming and positive response from the 2015 and 2016 Community Grants, Whites Rural has decided to run the national program, offering $40,000 worth of grants, for a third year. Grants of up to $4000 are awarded to at least 10 applicants designed to help kids in rural communities through art, music, sport, sustainability, or social wellbeing.

The last two years have received over 300 applicants. This year applications open September and close October 31. Visit www.wrcommunity. com.au to apply. Whites Rural utilise its rural resellers throughout the country, along with social media, to help spread the message and encourage people to apply. Whites Rural believes kids are the future of the bush and the variety of positive initiatives help in encouraging children to stay on the land.

Article from The Land



Sheep safe with exclusion fenceline


WITH the construction of an exclusion cluster fence to combat wild dogs and prickly acacia, Peter and Sally Newton are re-introducing sheep after 12 years to their 35,000 acre cattle property, “Maranda”, near Barcaldine. The Newtons started the 28km exclusion fenceline using Whites Rural fencing equipment in May last year, and expect completion by the end of September. “We were losing 100 sheep a year to wild dogs. It just wasn’t viable,” said Sally Newton. Without contractors, the Newtons needed to ensure speed and efficiency. “We liked the look of Whites Rural’s products – the quality and price stands out, particularly their steel posts.” Measuring 1.5m in height, the fence has barb on the top and bottom adjoining the mesh for reinforcement using Stiff Stay wire and 240cm high Stockpost Black and Stockpost XL black steel posts.The Newton’s are confident the fenceline is a smart investment, ensuring safety for sheep and prevention of widespread prickly acacia.