Gate Fittings: Individual Fittings
Gate Fittings

Individual Fittings

CATEGORY: Gate Fittings
• Most popular replacement parts
• Wide range of sizes
• Pins, sleeves, gudgeons, straps, latch and catch


Galvanised steel screw-in and weld-on gate fittings. Wide range of pins, sleeves, gudgeons, top straps, latches and catches.

Code Product Pack Size (mm) Latch
13862 Top Strap S3 25 Screw-in/ Weld-on
13873 Gudgeon G13 25 Screw-in/ Weld-on
13875 Gudgeon WG34 25 Weld-on
13835 Pin WP27 27 Weld-on
13836 Sleeve WS27 27 Weld-on
13837 Pin WP20 20 Weld-on
13838 Sleeve WS20 20 Weld-on
13839 Pin WP16 16 Weld-on
13840 Sleeve WS16 16 Weld-on
13833 Drop Latch & Eyelet     Screw-in
13830 Ring Latch & Catch     Screw-in

Not all products available in all areas of Australia.