Gate Fittings: Bolt-on Double Gate Latch
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13892 - gate fitting bolt-on double gate latch
13892 - bolt-on double gate latch
13892 - bolt-on double gate latch illustration

Bolt-on Double Gate Latch

CATEGORY: Gate Fittings
• Secures double gates
• Suits 25NB pipe
• No screwing or welding required
• Made tough for Australian conditions

Secures Double Gates

Whites Bolt-on Double Gate Latch is a convenient and easy way to secure double gates. It is suitable for 25NB gates.

There's no need for screwing or welding; just position the latch on the gate frame and tighten the bolt to attach.

To latch gate closed, loop the chain around the other gate and insert the pin-bolt. The pin-bolt can be secured through the hole using padlock or pin.


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