Frauenfelder Farm Gates: XHD 'I' Stay Farm Gates
Frauenfelder Farm Gates

XHD 'I' Stay Farm Gates

CATEGORY: Frauenfelder Farm Gates
• 350 grade high tensile frame and stays
• Hot-dipped galvanised
• Fully welded joints resist cracking
• Made in Australia

Extra heavy duty pipe frame and stays

Whites Rural Orange Label XHD "I" Stay Farm Gates are made in Australia and feature outer frames made with 32NB x 2.6mm high tensile pipe for an extra heavy duty gate. With over 60 years of experience and commitment to the gate industry, Whites’ Albury manufactured gates are the right choice for a high quality gate.

Pipe is hot-dipped galvanised to Australian Standards.

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Code Nominal (mm) Actual (mm) Weight      Stay Type Frame Pipe Stay Pipe Weld Mesh (mm)
AXM08 2440 (8’0”) 2390 26kg “I” 32NB 32NB 150x100x5
AXM10 3050 (10’0”) 3000 31kg “I” 32NB 32NB 150x100x5
AXM12 3660 (12’0”) 3610 35kg “I” 32NB 32NB 150x100x5
AXMD2 3660 (12’0”) 3610 39kg “II” 32NB 32NB 150x100x5
AXM14 4270 (14’0”) 4220 41kg “II” 32NB 32NB 150x100x5
AXM16 4880 (16’0”) 4830 48kg “III” 32NB 32NB 150x100x5

Not all products available in all areas of Australia.