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Murray Stiff Stay

Stiff Stay Exclusion Fencing

CATEGORY: Murray Stiff Stay
• Stiff Stay knot to increase rigidity of fence
• Built to withstand impact
• Heavily galvanised
• Made in Australia

Highly engineered, tight cross-over Stiff Stay® knot

Murray Stiff Stay® prefabricated fencing is made exclusively on the Stiff Stay machine at our Albury Manufacturing facility in regional Australia.

Murray Stiff Stay® specifically designed to protect by providing a barrier against smaller marsupials, dogs, pigs and feral animals.
Stiff Stay® Exclusion Fencing is produced with graduated line wire spacings. The tighter 15cm stay spacings further improve its ability to withstand impact.

• Narrow 15cm picket spacings
• Heavily Galvanised to AS4534
• 2.80mm high tensile top and bottom wires for added strength
• 2.50mm high tensile line wires and 2.50mm vertical stay wires

Stiff Stay Exclusion Fencing Chart


Heavily Galv. Code

Roll Weight Product       Hinged Apron Roll Length Tensile Strength Pallet Qty.
10235 62kg 8/80/15   100m High 9
10238 63kg 8/90/15   100m High 9
A0266 156kg 8/90/15   250m High 4
A0268 209kg 8/90/15 30cm 3-line 250m High 4
10289 76kg 11/90/15   100m High 9
10285 97kg 11/90/15  30cm 4-line 100m High 9
10251 86kg 13/90/15   100m High 9
10255 106kg 13/90/15  30cm 3-line 100m High 9
10239 69kg 8/115/15   100m High 9
A0269 172kg 8/115/15   250m High 4
A0271 225kg 8/115/15 30cm 3-line 250m High 4
10259 92kg 13/115/15   100m High 9
A0273 140kg 13/115/15 30cm 3-line 100m High 9
A0272 228kg 13/115/15   250m High 4
A0274 281kg 13/115/15 30cm 3-line 250m High  4
10260 118kg 15/150/15   100m High 9
A0276 130kg 15/150/15 30cm 3-line 100m High 9
A0275 273kg 15/150/15   250m High 4
A0277 325kg 15/150/15 30cm 3-line 250m High 4
A0278 651kg 15/150/15 30cm 3-line 500m High 1

Not all products available in all areas of Australia

Not all products available in all areas of Australia.