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Stiff Knot

Stiff Knot Farm Fencing

CATEGORY: Stiff Knot
• Fixed knot is considered strongest knot available
• 2.8mm top and bottom wires
• No exposed ends - safe for livestock
• Heavily galvanised
• Made in Australia

Exclusion fencing - for the effective protection of livestock and crops

Australian MadeStiff Knot prefabricated fencing is made in Australia on the fixed knot machine. The name Stiff Knot is trademarked to Whites and made exclusively by Whites Albury Manufacturing plant in regional Australia, using premium grade wire.

Stiff Knot is a large fixed knot that rigidly locks line wires to one-piece vertical pickets. Considered the strongest knot available, it provides maximum strength by absorbing impact and spreading the load for a stronger, longer-lasting fence. No exposed ends which can snag livestock. Available with optional hinged apron (footer).


Manufactured to Australian Standards AS 2423-2002 and zinc coated to AS/NZS 4534-2006.

Heavy Galvanised Stiff Knot® features high tensile 2.8mm line wires at top and bottom; 2.5mm high tensile line wires with graduated spacings; 2.5mm vertical stay wires. 

Code Product         Tensile Length  Weight  Pallet Qty. Top/Base Wire
10331 6/70/30 High 200m 80kg 9 2.8mm
10332 6/90/30 High 200m 85kg 9 2.8mm
10333 7/90/30 High 200m 96kg 9 2.8mm
10334 8/90/30 High 200m 106kg 9 2.8mm
A0339 8/90/30 High 400m 213kg 4 2.8mm

 Not all products available in all areas of Australia