Stiff Knot: Stiff Knot Exclusion Fencing
Stiff Knot

Stiff Knot Exclusion Fencing

CATEGORY: Stiff Knot Array
• Fixed knot is considered the strongest knot available
• Narrow 15cm picket spacings
• Premium galvanised coating & wire grade
• Optional hinged apron (footer)
• No exposed ends

Exclusion fencing - for the effective protection of livestock and crops


Whites Rural Stiff Knot® Prefabricated Exclusion Fencing is made to the highest standards, exclusively from Frauenfelder’s Albury plant in regional Australia, using premium grade wire. Considered the strongest knot available, it provides maximum strength by absorbing impact and spreading the load. Stiff Knot is a large fixed knot that ridgily locks line wires to one-piece vertical pickets for a strong, long-lasting fence.

Specifically designed to protect by providing a barrier against smaller marsupials, dogs, pigs and feral animals, Stiff Knot® Exclusion Fencing is produced with graduated line wire spacings. The tighter 15cm stay spacings further improve its ability to withstand impact.

Premium coating & Wire grade

Made with heavy galvanised coating, high tensile 2.8mm line wires at top and bottom, 2.5mm high tensile line wires with graduated spacings and 2.5mm vertical stay wires.

Continuous Vertical Pickets

Features a continuous vertical pickets that are locked into place to resist sagging and buckling. Compared to hinged joint fencing, they also provide a better fence over undulating land following the contour of the ground.

Optional Pre-attached Hinged Apron

Pre-attached to the bottom line wire with a hinged joint, the apron (also referred to as hinged footer) is a 300m section of fence laid on the ground, restricting penetration or digging under the fence. Exclusion fencing without hinged aprons require the fencing to be forced onto the ground, placing unnecessary stress on your fence posts. The engineered hinge sits naturally in place making it both faster to install and easier on the fence, giving it a longer service life.

Pre-Stripped Roll

The first two and last two pickets are removed from every roll. It's a convenient aid for faster installation around end assemblies - no need to strip picket wires.

Tension Crimps

The line wires include tension crimps that provide a quick visual when judging the correct tension. When the crimp is half flattened, the tension is generally sufficient; when no crimp can be seen, then the tension in the wire is too high and needs to be reduced.


Code Product       Tensile Strength Roll Length Roll Weight Pallet Qty. Galv. Coating Top/Base Wire
A0367 8/90/15 w/ 30cm footer High 100m 101kg Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
10338 8/90/15 High 100m 74kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0368 8/90/15 w/ 30 cm footer High 200m 202kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0341 8/90/15 High 200m 144kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0370 8/115/15 w/ 30cm footer High 100m 107kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
10339 8/115/15 High 100m 80kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0371 8/115/15 w/ 30cm footer High  200m  215kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm 
A0340 8/115/15 High 200m 161kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0385 11/90/15 w/ 30cm 4L footer High 100m 127kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0389 11/90/15 High 100m 93kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0372 11/115/15 High 200m 254kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0355 13/90/15 w/ 30cm footer High 100m 133kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0351 13/90/15 High 100m 106kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0373 13/115/15 w/ 30cm footer High 100m 140kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
10359 13/115/15 High 100m 113kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0374 13/115/15 w/ 30cm footer High 200m 280kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0358 13/115/15 High 200m 266kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0378 13/137/15 w/ 30cm footer High 100m 145kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0380 13/137/15 High 100m 118kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0379 13/137/15 w/ 30cm footer High 200m 291kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0383 13/137/15 High 200m 237kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0386 13/150/15 High 200m 298kg 4 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0376 15/150/15 w/ 30cm footer High 100m 162kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
10360 15/150/15 High 100m 134kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0377 15/150/15 w/ 30cm footer High 200m 324kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm 
A0361 15/150/15 High 200m 270kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0363 16/160/15 High 200m 343kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm
A0365 19/180/15 High 100m 168kg 9 Heavy Galv. 2.8mm

Not all products available in all areas of Australia